Prenatal Care

Prenatal care is the treatment of a woman and her unborn child during pregnancy. It is never too early to begin prenatal care and set the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. From the beginning of your first trimester until the birth of your baby, your OB-GYN is your partner for health and wellness. You should […]

Cancer Screening

One of the most important parts of cancer prevention is receiving regular screenings.  These tests take steps to identify this tragic disease in its pre-cancerous state or early stages. Multiple organizations have developed guidelines for the forms of cancer screening that women should undergo. While the specifics may vary from organization to organization, the theme […]

Uterine Cancer

Your uterus is a wonderful organ, making the creation of new human life possible. For all its wonder, it is also subject to diseases such as uterine cancer. Identification and elimination of this disease is critical in its early stages, as left untreated it can spread to the rectum, bladder, vagina, ovaries, or other organs […]

Breast Lumps

Finding a breast mass can be a deeply concerning moment, bringing with it worries about breast cancer, related expenses, and the battle ahead. While most commonly associated with breast cancer, this disease isn’t the only reason you may develop lumps in your breasts. In 80% of all cases, lumps in the breast are non-cancerous, so […]

Pap Smear

Getting regular Pap tests and STI screening is an essential part of maintaining the health of women worldwide. In the United States alone, millions of women receive testing yearly and seek information to help ensure they’re getting the best care possible. If you’re wondering why Pap tests are so necessary, and how often you should […]

Annual Exams

Annual gynecological exams are preventative tools available to help women identify and treat complications that pose a threat to their health as early as possible. By getting annual exams, women can also learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle and adopt habits that facilitate long-term health. Exams for women often screen for sexually transmitted diseases and […]